Shipping & Returns

1) : What is the shipping method?
Answer : We have these shipping methods:
2.Register Airmail
3.EMS express

2) : Where is the order shipped from?
Answer : Your order will be shipped by airmail from Hong Kong.

3) : Does ship internationally?
Answer : Yes, we ship worldwide without additional charge.

*The express (EMS/DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT) shipping fees is depend on your country, how many you ordered and the total weight.

5) : What's the shipping time?
Answer : The shipping will take these steps:
Step 1: Order print by our system (0-1 business day)
Step 2: Order packaged by our storehouse (1-3 business days)
Step 3: Package carried to Hong Kong Post or Express Center (1 day)
Step 4: Order is processed by post to your mail box.
*Step 2, we have the mass of products in stock, but some not, we need to notice our supplier, and take 1-2 business days to get.
*Step 4, due to the oversea shipping need more procedure, the delivery time below is just for reference:

Shipping Methods



Airmail and register

United States, Canada

6-14 business days

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore

5-11 business days

United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany,Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden,Switzerland

7-15 business days

Italy, Brazil

10-25 business days

Other countries

7-15 business days


3-6 business days to worldwide


2-3business days

6) : How can you get my shipping address?
Answer : We'll get your shipping address when you make payment by PayPal, please note PayPal will be not sharing any of your financial information to us except shipping address and a phone number which you explicitly wish to share with us.

7) : Can I change my shipping address?
Answer : You will receive an address confirm when you have done the payment by PayPal, If it's not the correct, just edit it.
For fraud prevention purposes, if you change the shipping address here, we may not process your order when you are a new member or big amount.

8) : How do I get my tracking number?
Answer : The tracking number is only available for $20
You can get it from your order list, the step is: My account - Order List - Select order - Then you can get the tracking number in detail when available.

9) : What is the tracking website?
Answer : The tracking websites are as follows:
Airmail register (here you can track your cargo via the post websites for over 90 countries:

10) : My tracking number is not working, what should I do?
Answer : Package has been left and it will be take 1-3 business days to process by Post, Please wait a little more time and try again later.

11) : Does deliver to APO or FPO addresses?
Answer : Yes, but we deliver to APO/FPO addresses by airmail only, the EMS/DHL express will be not apply, please provide the detail address if you want order by express.

12) : Why was my order sent in multiple packages when it all could have fit in one box?
Answer : may decide to package your items separately due to weight, size concerns or some products out of stock. You can check from your order list which parts were sent separately.

13) : Does my express shipping option (EMS, DHL etc.) ensure my order will be shipped out before the normal?
Answer : Unfortunately it does not. All orders are processed and shipped within our 1-3 business days processing time-frame, regardless of the shipping option selected.

14) : What should I do if an item is missing from my order?

Answer : First, please check your order list to make sure order was sent in one packing, if separately, please be patience for another one. If all packages have been delivered but you're still missing an item, check the packing clearly for small item.
If you are unable to locate the item at last, please take a photo which show any labels of the packing and email us.

15) : Do I need to pay for Tax and Customs Duties?
Answer : sent the products from Hong Kong which is a free port. Because there is no sale tax by Hong Kong government, customers will not to pay any tax when shopping from us.

From our data, only less than 1% of the package was opened and checked by customs. Customers are responsible to pay if import taxes are needed.

Although the possibility to have import taxes is near to zero, we strongly suggest that you'd better know your import policy before your purchase happens. Well you have to notice that some products may require special licenses or permits to import (such as high powered lasers). It is customers business to handle the products that are confiscated by the Customs in customers' countries.

16) : What is the Airmail?
Answer :  Airmail (or air mail) is mail that is transported by aircraft. It typically arrives more quickly than surface mail, and usually costs more to send. Airmail may be the only option for sending mail to some destinations, such as overseas etc.
Register Airmail is the mail which you can get the tracking number to track it on the website.
More about airmail, please visit Wikipedia: